Fox Point Programs, a trading name for Rockwood Programs, Inc.

Fox Point Programs, a trading name for Rockwood Programs, Inc.

Media Liability Insurance

Content is king and anyone with a social media account can become an influencer overnight. Traditional media companies and advertising agencies are no longer the only businesses facing risks arising from the content they produce and promote. Our media liability product addresses the convergence of media and technology and provides comprehensive coverage for the risks faced when creating or promoting content on or offline. Target risks:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Audio visual design
  • Authors
  • Broadcasters (digital and traditional)
  • Commercial film producers
  • Content creators and providers
  • Copywriters
  • Digital marketing
  • Experiential marketing
  • Freelance writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Influencers (vloggers, youtubers, bloggers, podcasters, social media stars and public figures)
  • Licensing risks
  • Marketing consultants
  • New Media / digital agencies
  • Photographers and videographers
  • PR agencies and consultants
  • Publishers – print and digital
  • Radio stations
  • Social media agencies and platforms
  • Travel / creative / research writers
  • Visual effects and editing services
  • Other classes may be considered

Key Features

Multimedia Liability: Full coverage on all content which your client will be held responsible for (including 3rd party & user generated content).

Contractual Liability: Almost every contract you sign includes warranties and indemnities in relation to a breach of confidentiality, contractual agreements and non-disclosure agreements. Our policy does not have any contractual liability exclusions.

Vicarious Liability: Policy provides full vicarious liability coverage to ensure you are protected in the event you are held liable someone else’s (i.e.; third party contractor) mistake.

Payment of Withheld Fees: Mistakes happen and your clients may withhold fees due to you. Subject to carrier’s approval, our policy will pay any contractual fees to ensure you can continue to work with your client.

Virus & Hacking Liability: Explicit protection for the loss of sensitive client data as a result of a hack attack or computer virus.

System Business Interruption: Coverage to compensate you for a loss of income due to a hack attack or computer virus which causes system downtime.

Breach Notification costs: Policy provides a separate, dedicated limit for costs and expenses associated with notifying your customers of a privacy breach.

System Repair costs: Policy can provide full limit coverage for costs associated with reconfiguring and rebuilding systems and networks after a system failure or corruption, including staff overtime costs and external specialist consultants.

Worldwide jurisdiction: Policy provides coverage for claims made anywhere in the world if you create and disseminate content on a global scale.



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Media Liability Application